Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Find your guide inside you, Szukaj swojego przewodnika w sobie.

Welcome family, I am writing, sitting on the edge of a cliff with the view to wild waves of Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Portugal. We are having quite a intense time, after the article in the newspaper the snowball of events is rolling down the hill. I am a bit puzzled, two main polish  TV stations are asking us to give an interview, there is a lot of interest from all over the world and I am not even sure why and what to do with it. All we actually want is a simple life and I am always saying that the first thing to do, to start changing your life is to throw out the Television, funny?
We had some amazing days lately, two days ago a European Barn owl fell  dead from the sky next to our caravan parked on the parking of a shopping mall. We know owls are a powerful messengers telling us that it is time to watch and listen, stay aware and focused, the same evening I almost hit a fox crossing our road and we also know foxes tell you that the solution for what we are struggling with, is just in front of our eyes, this great Indian knowledge about the power of animal spirts is guiding me to understand that a completion of our work is ready to bring fruits and manifest, but how big is a plan of the universe and what is our part in it , I trust in life and know that just staying in present moment and out of fear is enough. The big shadow of unknown is exciting.
People ask me (polish saying) where comes  this idea  to life like that, I cannot imagine I could plan anything out of  what happened and is happening to us, we decided to get out of fear of not knowing what will tomorrow bring. Many of us collect money, cling to a home, partner, possessions, insurance of insurance because it gives us a feeling of security, from my experience it is filing up a hole inside of us, which never could be filled like that.  Out of the fear that we are not good enough to cope with challenges of adventures which are calling us in our dreams. Avoiding this voice can eventually bring us to place when we fell we are just surviving, avoiding life. Society we live in is not helping, ( check some of the comments under the article http://www.wysokieobcasy.pl/wysokie-obcasy/1,96856,17191167,Zycie_w_Amazonii__Dzungla_jak_supersam.html.) hahaha amazing. Quicker you will surrender to that voice sooner a great relief will come, Iam not saying it is going to get easier but for sure more interesting.  As we grow we get more difficult lessons, we never get more then we can handle. But the great freedom comes of being on your path and knowing it, it requires switching from thinking to feeling what to do next, where to go, what to eat etc... My compass is what excites me the most and choosing it. There is only one voice there, if you stay focused enough you will hear it, all of us has a moment when they know exactly what to do and then the mind starts but how?, where do I get money for it?, what others will say?, Our minds are great but only when serving us. I will write a little bit more in the next blogs about different steps which helped me to be closer and closer to that freedom.  My advice for now is to make a list of needs and wants in your life. Most of you will notice that most of your  time they spend on fulfilling wants, then check who sold you an idea to want it and which hole you are trying to fill in, good luck.  Love and light to my dear family .Tomasz