Friday, November 13, 2015

Lot nad Europą. Flying through Europe.

So , a month ago I opened my wings and started my journey with the medicine around Europe, I am on my way back to the Island, visiting old friend Simon in Madrid.
Together with Guma we had one of the most profound experiences, 4 weeks in Poland felt like years, we were in many new places Poznan , Kraków, this part of the planet is really special, energy rising very quick., we worked with frog medicine but also many others, few new ones, absolutly amazing time, we managed to asist many people on their way to discover more of themselfs and also want through a lot of processes uhhhh. I am missing my family, coming home soon, last three days in Poland I spent alone in Tatra Mountains. IF you want to see a an interview with me you can see it  We will be back in Poland next year. LOve you  , thank you universe, thank you family.