Monday, October 8, 2012

Greece full summer and time to go.

Susanas birthday party urodziny suzany
I am sorry it took so long, it was such a busy summer time that I did not find time to update the blog. Summer started with Ralph coming to us from his asian tourne, we built a nicly working solar oven,(look photo) good bread in 2.5 hours, baked by father sun. How to make one you can  find on
solar oven  słoneczny piekarnik

Clay house SETA under construction


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Ralph met jelly fish treated with urine
poarzony przez meduze leszenie moczem 

bez kija nie podchodż

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Akropol by night

Babcia Ela z elfem Granmother with Elfi

dziadek tez jest and grandfather
And then the visitors just stared coming, Juri, la fajet, kwiatki family, we had a wounderful trip around Evia, visiting our friends. In meantime we decided together with Ralph to sell the caravan and go to Brasil (I am now sitting on brazilian tropical beach , see next post) Then a lot of family came from Holland, Brazil, Poland , Israel, Ireland, Switzerland, Greece, Spain. We had a wonderful weekend  on a wild beach, we  removed  a lot of plastic trash and participated in full moon ceremony, Then the magic green turtle (camper) went on tour through Europe playing music, singing,  meditating and spreading love. Then we reached Poland and finally visited family, Elf had a first oportunity to meet uncles, aunts grandparents. We had a very special time there, then we went to Holland to get rid of the rest things, Our moving home stayed in the family, we sold it to a very special family , beutifull beings Noam and Shelly and their dougter Ademaja. We packed our backpacks and went to Frankfurt to continiue the adventure, now the update is going to be more often, promise.

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