Sunday, September 29, 2013

loving dry season

           My dear family, It is soon going to be a year in this amazing, rich continent, life treats us generously. The farm after having a lot of people visiting went in to a nap, now it is quiet, time for some summary.
 I will start with describing you my day. Very often I wake up at night to have a piss, nights are warm and cloudless, we are in the dry season, sky is full of stars and the moon shines down the valley, i put my bear feet in the grass, standing naked and  enjoy the conection with the planet , magic. Lefteri wakes me up every morning by crowling on my head or pulling my hair, we go to the kitchen, wchich is 50 m from the bedroom, very often somebody is already preparing breakfast, not know becouse for a 3 days we are alone. I take a bag with alittle bucket and through the garden I walk step path down, between  shrubs and bushes to meet the goats 6 min walk. We have 3 goats, I welcome them and milk a liter of fresh nectar, then I walk them to there pasture, where they chew on green leaves whole day. On my way back I visit Bonnie, my favourite animal to check if donkey has enough grass, old stuborn lovely lady. Coming up i can smell oats being roasted and coffe being prepared. During braekfast we check quicly what have to be done  .
The chakra( new opened garden) was just recently planted with potatoes,peanuts, sweet potatoe, beans, oats, and buckwheat, I love seeing things grow from your hands, time flyies but world is flowering more and more around us, more love we have for it and for oureselfs more we get from the garden, forest and animals. one day a week we work on a new trail, hoeing, moving earth and stones, work is such a blessing here, Always you have been told that work is a curse and labour a misfortune, but I say to you that when you work you fullfill a part of earth's furthest dream, assigned to you when that dream was born, And in keeping yourself with labour you are in truth loving life.  
Lefteraki is our sun shining whole day (sometimes at night too) he runs around , repating his new words, his favourite is wow and cool, but kurka (polish chicken) and kotek (little cat) and few other, basicly he speaks whole day round amusing us with his bizzare language. We had visited our neighbours 1.5 hour walk deeper in to the valley, on the border with the jungle, podocarpus national park, universe decided to meet there 5 familys 10 parents and 8 children from age 0.5 to 6 in one little crazy house. lefteri and his new friends (see photo). They  are our main teachers  , children They come through you, but not from you , and thoug they are with you yet they belong not to you.  You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorow, wchich you cannot visit, not even in your dreams. You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you. They are the sons and doughters of Life's longing for itself.
Then we make lunch around 13, if there is more people ther is a lunch crew forming, we cook mostly wegetrian food, there were some chickens but we never buy meat. We are planning and some already started on growing fish trout and tilapia. We have different variety of cheses made from goat milk. We still carry(horses mostly do) food every weekend, fruits and vegetables from the market, we work on getting our shopping down by half till next year . After eating, a little siesta in a hammock, and back to some chores, in the place like this there is always something to do, watering, building feeding animals, cleaning, harvesting or just chiling.
In the evening we gather very often together, sharing, playing games, singing or just reading( i am reading 3books  at the same time) we have scheduled community meetings once a week when we talk about vision and decide on various issues. we also share and work on our social structure and comunication skills, I advise checking Nonvailent communication, book availible in evey language, helps solving conflicts and helps with true personal growth.
It was a difficult moment when Ralphy after so long being with us decided to go, I accepted his decision, and i know we are  still connected, by the way if you read this brother, I am doing the acounting, learning spanish and flosing teeth and I wonder when you are coming back.
Our community is still growing, I am very happy that Leo decided to stay longer, Love you bro and wait for Chaves comming back in January with his Tipi. Andrea is residing RADI under the 3 month absence of Yves- we all send you love every day brother (hope it is legal in USA).
I am also thinking when to visit Europe, maybe spring next year, and build house, lots of plans. Anybody interested coming by please let me know that I can plan our trip acordingly, I invite to help us building our little cob (clay) house.
Some of the amazing words are inspired by a book called a Prophet written in1923 by Lebanese writer Kahlil Gibran, becouse I cannot fully express myself in English, this guy does it exelent.
 I miss my family, love you guys so much. T

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  1. Hey Family

    And here I find myself for the first time reading about what you guys are doing, in your blog. I guess that makes it official.. I have left the transcendental caravan haha for a while at leased. The story and pics make me glow on the inside.. I love you guys so much.

    Tomasz.... doing the accounting, learning Spanish and flossing haha I am proud of you! I'll let you know I've already amazed many mouths with unexpected veggyburgers, (Marietta's) pomkinsoup and other delicious things that carry your spirit's into many stomachs all over the place. In your absence, I myself am now checking the back of products to check how many feckin chemicals are truely in there! Still having serials in the morning.. Still hug as many people as possible..

    As to when I'll be back.. Being in Holland after these two years of increasing beauty is confusing, difficult and very interesting to me. I seems like it helps me crystallize why we want to live in the way that we do, from a new perspective that is. I am not the same as I was two years ago.. I actually see much more beauty in this unsustainable paradise then I was able to before.. I need to be here right now.

    I know we will rejoin somewhere next year..