Sunday, November 18, 2012

Terra Amor part2Under

So we work, enjoy, today we seed some vegetables, trees, it is just enough to stick a branch or even a leaf in to the ground and it grows. We sleep outside\inside first photo, there is almost no mosquitos, we fall in love in sleeping in hamocks. Everyday we meet another new animals in the forest and in the house. I am trying to get used to big hairy spiders  living in our hut size of a hand hmmm. We visit a lot of communities and intresting people around, we all got vacinated by a jungle doctor, frog poison called kambo, next time I will have more on that topic. Now is the hotest days of the year, we have mango and cashew season full of fruits. love you so much T

Under construcion w budowie 


chacruna plant

shower prysznic

compost dry toilet

planting station  nasz małe roslinki

linda almost Brasil

kambo medicine 

our manualy operated juicer,  reczny mikser

Lago verde zielone jezioro

Alter de Chao main squere

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